All of my last seen times say about 3 hours ago

New to ZT. I keep seeing my last seen times are all “about 3 hours ago”.
And and cannot log into the remote ip.
Are they connected?

Looks like those nodes were either offline or having connectivity issues. I took a look at your network and all seems resolved now though.

Thank you. It keeps happening. I just looked and now they all have diff times.

Could you tell me where these #'s come from?

I suspect from the router/modem but I cannot match them to any of my units.

This is ZeroTier’s cryptographic public identity used to uniquely identify the instance of ZeroTier

There is no constant connection between a node and the network controller as ZeroTier’s protocol is UDP based. On the page, the “Last Seen” shows the last time the node checked in with the controller. Usually about once every minute or two when online and working properly.

cryptographic. good word.

can you tell me why I am getting this timeout er

Unfortunately no, that’s not something I can help with. Best to contact your ISP for help with that.

Thanks. Like I said, new to this and I labeled some units wrong in zt and I am tryint to correctly label. I have a bad apple I am trying to find so I can shut down the unit. I turned off the wrong one this morning!

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