Allow members to only a one managed routes

Hi everyone, I have a free zerotier account with 3 routes ( 3 vlan of my home LAN ).
Among the members of the zerotier network ( my phone, tablet, ecc ), there are an external support team for home automation.
I would like to accept this member to only one routes ( vlan for home automation in my home LAN ), and block access to the rest of my networks.
I tried to search some documentation online, but I don’t understand if it possible with flow rules.

Thanks to all for the support

You can probably do something with the ipsrc and ipdest matches in the rules.

You can also possibly accomplish this in the firewall of your “router” device.

Hi, I’ll try with ipsrc/dest. I see also ztsrc, it should be zerotier ID of the member.

Thanks for the reply.

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