Allowing ZeroTier/Minecraft through Win Firewall


I’ve been having problems with this for a while now. The problem is that I have several Firewall-allow-through rules set up (port 9993, File and Printer Sharing, ZeroTier ICMPv4-In, ZeroTier SMB-In plus several other rules that I don’t think are of any importance but I tried them non the less).

When I’ve got my Firewall turned on (Public) I can ping my friend just fine with small latencies etc. Once she tries to connect to a dedicated server I’m running on my machine, though, she can’t connect. The problem disappears once I turn the Firewall off (my friend has to have it off as well).

So what I’m asking is “What else do I have to allow through the FW in order for things to not be blocked?” I’m asking since I don’t want to have my FW turned off for longer periods.

Thank you in advance for any responses.

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