[Android 11] Not routing all traffic

I have an issue with one of my devices not routing all traffic via Zerotier. Below I’m listing the devices being used.

Raspberry Pi 3 on Debian - Zerotier 1.6.5 (Used as a gateway to the rest of my network)
i7 Windows 10 PC - Zerotier 1.6.5 (Rooting all traffic)
Samsung Galaxy S5 on Android 6.1 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (Rooting all traffic)
OnePlus 5 on Android 10 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (Rooting all traffic)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 on Android 8.1 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (Rooting all traffic)

Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G on Android 11 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (The one with the issue)

If I have the box ‘Route Via Zero Tier’ ticked in the Android app, I can access my local network resources, but can’t access any internet resources. If I uncheck the ‘Route Via Zero Tier’ box, I still have access to my local network resources, but also to the internet via my mobile connection (not rooted via Zerotier).

This device did work just fine with Zerotier until I received an OTA update from Android 10 to Android 11 and it hasn’t worked since. This does look like it’s an Android 11 issue, has anyone else experienced this issue?



thanks for writing this. I don’t think I have heard this from anyone else yet. Lets keep an eye out.