[Android 11] Not routing all traffic

I have an issue with one of my devices not routing all traffic via Zerotier. Below I’m listing the devices being used.

Raspberry Pi 3 on Debian - Zerotier 1.6.5 (Used as a gateway to the rest of my network)
i7 Windows 10 PC - Zerotier 1.6.5 (Rooting all traffic)
Samsung Galaxy S5 on Android 6.1 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (Rooting all traffic)
OnePlus 5 on Android 10 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (Rooting all traffic)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 on Android 8.1 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (Rooting all traffic)

Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G on Android 11 - Zerotier 1.8.1 (The one with the issue)

If I have the box ‘Route Via Zero Tier’ ticked in the Android app, I can access my local network resources, but can’t access any internet resources. If I uncheck the ‘Route Via Zero Tier’ box, I still have access to my local network resources, but also to the internet via my mobile connection (not rooted via Zerotier).

This device did work just fine with Zerotier until I received an OTA update from Android 10 to Android 11 and it hasn’t worked since. This does look like it’s an Android 11 issue, has anyone else experienced this issue?



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thanks for writing this. I don’t think I have heard this from anyone else yet. Lets keep an eye out.

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