Android: access LAN when connected to ZeroTier and routing all traffic through it

Hi everyone,

I have a ZeroTier network with a default gateway ( route) set up. I would like to connect an Android phone to it and route all traffic through the gateway. This only works when I enabled the checkbox to route all traffic through ZeroTier.

However, when that option is checked, I can’t access any devices on my phone’s physical LAN. My use case is to control some IoT devices from the phone. Would it be possible to exclude a subnet from being routed by ZeroTier? My device is rooted an I can manipulate the routing table directly, if that’s helpful.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I checked on a different phone with a different network. It can access both the physical LAN and the Internet through the gateway on the Zerotier network. So it must be an issue with my setup. I will keep the post updated.

Update: I did a factory reset and reflashed the stock firmware to the working phone. Now it exhibits the same behavior as the broken one (LAN traffic tries to go through ZeroTier). Now I’m not sure what made that phone work.

@antonlyap - see my post abt. Zerotier 1.12.0 on Andriod - try to move back to app apk 1.8.6 and see if it works! (in my case it does!) Mike.

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