Android app battery use wifi vs cell

Has anybody else noticed a significant increase in battery usage of the ZeroTier app when using network data since the update to 1.10.x?
In the attached screenshot, the change in the middle of the graph is when I went from home WiFi to mobile/cell data. Nothing else about the phone usage changed - it sat idle with the screen off for the whole 20 hours (the sharp downtick at the end of the graph is active usage of the phone)

As you can see, Zero Tier One is responsible for almost all of the battery usage since the last full charge, so the change in overall power consumption is presumably due the power draw of the app itself.

Is anyone else noticing this? Is there a reason the app should be doing approximately twice as much when on cell data than when on WiFI? The phone was stationary for essentially the whole time, so it’s not like it was constantly having to hand off its network to different cell base stations (actually, I guess it’s possible, if unlikely, that the phone was equidistant from two towers, and was constantly switching between them. Is that how cellphones work? Who knows?!)

I noticed the same behaviour.
The good thing is that ZT works again but the battery drain is indeed huge.

The reason why I preferred ZT over tailscale is that (previous version of) ZT used to have little to no impact on battery consumption.

Hope they can fix this asap.

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A similar experiment with the newest version of the app seems to indicate consistent battery usage regardless of the source of Internet. I guess that’s problem solved.

I’ve noticed a massive difference in battery drain in the last few weeks since updating!

I’ve gone back to 1.8.9-1 APK to test, battery would last 8 - 10 minimum with the phone not being used, now I’m lucky if I get 4 hours.

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