Android prefers ZT IP

I encounter the same behavior as in the below topic, which has been closed but I don’t know how to reopen it:

When my Android phone is connected to both ZT (10.10. etc) and my local LAN (192.168. etc), it prefers the ZT IP address and all routing takes place via the ZT route, not directly through my local router. Any ping from the phone is first directed to the ZT “router” I have defined in the ZT page, and then back to the local router and forward to the phone.
Moreover, when I switch the phone from data to wifi it takes A LOT of time for the ZT client to realize that the switch is made, which makes any other client in the same local network unpingable from the phone. This is rather weird, since I can see the correct IP address of the phone in the local network from all Android apps (192.168 etc) but cannot ping any other 192.168 instances for a long time.

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