Android to Linux Connectivity Issues

I am new to playing around with zerotier. I have 2 devices hooked up to my zt network. Device1 is a Debian server running jellyfin on port 8096 and a few other services (1.14.0). Device2 is an Android phone (zt 1.14.0-2). For testing purposes I have the phone set to route all traffic through zt and mobile data is allowed. Both devices show as fully connected in the zt admin panel. Checking peers from the Deb server shows a direct connection to the phone. If the phone is connected to the wifi network that the Deb server is on, I can fully pull up the jellyfin frontend, via both it’s app and web browser. If the phone is connected to the cell network I cannot. Now the odd part…while on the cell network I am able to verify that the phone can establish a connection on ports 80,443 and 8096 to the Deb server, this was done using termux and netcat.
Other services here that should be displaying web pages from the server are also not working, and all the ports have been verified to work via netcat. Also all of the net services involved here are listening on all ports available to the server. What could be keeping the responses from coming back correctly to the Android client?