Any hints for ZT within a Terminal Server environment?

Hey all,

I am beta testing ZT as an alternative for a common VPN solution for one of my clients. So far my tests have only been on Windows 10 clients, Mac Clients, iPads etc. without any Active Directory / Terminal Server connected. All tests have been flawlessly fine, but since adding a (live) Terminal Server more and more problems occur.

Basically the TS-Server with AD connection is online fully pingable. Out of nowhere the RDP session gets closed, test clients are disconnected and I am not able to reconnect. Server reboots or ZT service restarts sometimes help, but this is not a real solution. Usual local connections through VPN are working though, just ZT connections fails completely.
From time to time a connection is possible but stuck endlessly in “securing RDP session”.

I already checked

  • all firewall configs
  • connections
  • played around with MTU values (server has MTU 2800 out of the box, clients mostly 1500)
  • the logs of my TS server


Strange thing is: whenever I have a client not able to connect to the TS-Server, I am still absolutely able to connect to other RDP Servers within the network without any issues. So it somehow feels that the issue has something to with the TS-Server itself.

I’d really love ZT and would like to have this client to use it commercially, but somehow my beta test seems to fail. Is there someone able to help me with these issues?

Thanks in advance!

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