Any plans on offering SSL certificate resolution?


so I would love to use SSL inside network to add additional layer of protection against malicious node.
It looks like Tailscale is moving to make that possible: Traefik Proxy now offers Tailscale as certificate resolver · Tailscale
Any plans to do something similar?


Yes, we have this in the works… it’s been back-burnered for now while we work on 2.0

If you’re curious, here’s the rust library that will power it


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Interesting I will have to dig into the docs.

Mentioning working on 2.0 does not sound like a valid reason… I may understand that maybe 2.0 will launch soon and maybe now its THE crunch time but… you announced it 4 years ago… so it does not inspire confidence that it will ever happen and in turn anything you mention that will happen after it. 2.0 looks to me like fundraising gimmick. Maybe, it was and I hope that it worked. My point being an answer: “We have no current plans to finish developing this” may suck but it does not make my BS sense tingle.

P.S. type in repo decryption ‘wwith’