Apple classroom work with zerotier

I want to use Apple Classroom in a virtual LAN environment. In a local LAN environment, teachers can create a course and students can automatically discover and join the opened course. I thought that in a virtual LAN environment, it would be the same as a local LAN, but it’s not the case. In a virtual LAN environment composed of ZEROTIER, students cannot discover the courses created by the teacher. I don’t understand why. Do I need to configure anything else?

As I get it, Apple Classroom depends on ‘Bonjour’ which means you have to enable bridging and possible make your ZeroTier network public if you want to avoid having to approve each access from the students."apple+classroom"+"bonjour"

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t quite understand what enable bridge means. Can you explain how to set it up in detail?
According to the search keywords you mentioned, I saw on the Internet that students can’t find and connect teachers’ iPads through the virtual LAN, and there is no solution now. Is this what you learned?
Thank you again, your answer has helped me a lot.

The issues you describe are essentially a limitation in Bonjour and not a ZeroTier issue.

Bonjour is a L2 protocol and service from Apple intended for use in a local area network (ie Ethernet). This means that it’s not possible to route traffic between different IP networks without “bridging” it using various protocols and solutions, such as Bonjour Discovery Helpers and Forwarding (and similar) and Multicast DNS on top of ZeroTier.

This requires expert knowledge that is beyond the scope of this forum thus I recommend that you look into the possiblity to get help from local resources.

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