Apple Silicon Issues

I’m having some trouble getting my MacBook M1 to communicate with ZeroTier. I’m not fluent in Zerotier’s language, so forgive me, but my network status gets stuck on Access_Denied. I have successfully connected other computers to the same network with no problem. It appears this is an issue at the MacBook Air M1’s end. When I log into ZeroTier central, the other Macs have managed IP’s listed while the apple silicon Mac has no managed IP’s assigned. If I auto-assign IPv6, the apple silicon Mac will accept those, but I cannot get it to accept IPv4. I also notice that in the network status (accessed from the toolbar) my apple silicon MacBook is not broadcasting, even though it’s enabled on ZeroTier central. I’m not sure what information is entirely relevant here, so if you have any suggestions about what I should include, please let me know.

Thanks so much for you help!

Hi, I’m having this issue as well. I thought at first it was because of Big Sur, but ZeroTier works fine on my MacBook 16" running Big Sur.

Hamachi seems to also be incompatible with the M1 chip MacBooks and they are usually behind in development, which is actually why I was testing out ZeroTier because in the ZeroTier 1.6.0 release notes, it mentions native support for Apple Silicon, but apparently this still does not work. It must be something with networking permissions. Other networking apps, like NordVPN work fine, so I can’t isolate the issue. I have called Apple and they have mentioned that Rosetta is not as useful for lower level applications such as networking, but I’m thinking that with native support, this shouldn’t really be an issue anyway.

After trying it out, I really like ZeroTier, but I really need it to work with Apple Silicon to warrant a switch from Hamachi.

Similar issues here. It actually works fine on my macmini M1 with the 1.4.6 release that relies on Intel emulation. But the auto-update to 1.6.0 with native arm support broke it, it gets stuck trying to retrieve the configuration from the network. I tried reinstalling 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 from scratch but same issue, always stuck trying to retrieve the configuration. After reinstalling 1.4.6 it worked fine again. Disabled the automatic updates for now.

@nicolas.burrus Thanks for that piece of info. I will try that on my Air later and see if it is consistent. Might at least keep things usable until we see a fix released.

Fix is in the works now. 1.6.2 should be coming later today.

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Thanks so much, works perfectly now!

Thank you for staying up to date with support. Works great! This is the main reason I am switching from Hamachi! :slight_smile:

Also, I noticed that the main download link on the website is still pointing to 1.6.1 so I had to go into the other versions and find the 1.6.2 installer there. I’m sure you’ll update it soon, but just letting you know in case this was an oversight! Thanks again!

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