Arp broadcast not working in one direction

I have a silly/weird issue. I have 2 windows 10 computers, both on the latest Zerotier client. For simplicity I’ll say Computer1 and Computer2. Computer2 has been on ZT for over a year and has performed for the most part good in connecting to several non windows peers. Computer1 I just recently put on ZT for the purpose of connecting to Computer2 when I travel. I can not seem to get Computer1 to connect to Computer2 unless I do something to establish an ARP reply from Computer2 first (such as Ping).

I spun up wireshark on each computer monitoring the ZT interface. On computer1 when I’m trying to connect (RDP) to Computer2 I see the standard "Who has " while on Computer1 I see nothing. So on Computer2 I ping Computer1 and I see the ARP broadcast and I see Computer1 respond, I see broadcast and response on both wiresharks. From that point, I can connect from Computer1 to Computer2 no problem. Also from that point I see periodic ARP request and responses going no problem from Computer1 to Computer2. But if I clear the ARP table on Computer1, it’s back to the same issue.

It’s almost like I have to kick start the connection from Computer2 which isn’t a problem when I’m sitting next to it, but when I travel that’s not going to be a possibility. Not sure what it could be, it’s as if the ZT network doesn’t want to transmit from Computer1 until it’s been discovered elsewhere first. Anyone able to make any sense to this?

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