ARTICLE: Chasing Performance In ZeroTier (21.3Gbps between hosts)

I wrote this article to demonstrate how you can dramatically improve the throughput of ZeroTier between 2 hosts.

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Hey, cool writeup. I’ll take a look.

We actually just started an effort to add multithread support to ZeroTier. You can watch and participate in our efforts here (Add multi-core concurrent packet processing by joseph-henry · Pull Request #2234 · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub). It’s still alpha and far from complete. We’re seeing some cases where it can more than double performance, and other cases where it makes things worse, so we’re interested in any test results or feedback as we refine the code.

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That’s definitely cool to see! I’ll be interested to see how much the performance can be improved. The per-core performance of ZeroTier is actually quite good in my experience, so being able to scale to more cores should really unlock a good bit of performance. It’s not apples to apples, but I got near linear scaling when adding more cores. Between a 4-5 times speed improvement by forcing ZeroTier to use multiple cores in a routed environment.

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