Asymmetrical routing in multipath with ZERO tier

i want to achieve a Asymmetrical routing topology on zerotier where i have two wan links with different pricing /cost factors. as one wan link is metered and counts only downloads, but no uploads are being counted towards data quota.
and the second wan link is also metered and counts both upload and download data towards quota.
what i want to achieve with zero tier when my peer to peer nodes established using multipath, then i should be able to upload from wan1 and download from wan2.

in order to achieve this i thought of 2 possible solutions.

  1. creating two instance of physical interface on remote side with two public ip’s and bring two zero tier tunnels between peers where second side is my own laptop which have two WAN available each wan for each tunnel. then use iptables to mirror all data on both interfaces, while rejecting uploads using iptables from one WAN link, and rejecting downloads from other WAN link.

  2. using Zerotier multipath and define bandwidth limits for upload and downloads separately, for each link , where i define artificially 99 percent of uplink bandwidth available in bond on LINK1, and 1% of upload bandwidth to wan2, and vice versa for downlinks.

i know issues do arise with asymmetric routing and it is intentionally avoided in networking , but it is also intentionally deployed carefully where need arise, but i think beauty of software defined networks should be able to handle these complex tasks and solve the issues with such an ease, which were not possible before.

i am looking for any help or guidance in accomplishing this task, with the help of zero tier and power of software defined networking.

kind regards,


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