Audio sync multiple send to one receiver

hi.i have two musicians which are playing in two different cities. they can sync their metronome with clocks. they don’t necessarily need to hear each other. i would like to use zerotier to get their audio performance and send it to another (simply receiving) computer. this computer will then get both audio signals and send it live streaming. so i have no sync problems between musicians. my problem is the difference in time it takes to get from musician A to receiving PC and from musician B to receiving PC. there is little chance these two latencies will be equal.
basically i am asking if there is a way to sync audio of two sources using zerotier.

You’ve got an interesting problem there, but alas one that cannot be solved with ZeroTier itself, and probably better solved in the audio world itself.

If you can find a way to embed a timecode stream in the recording from each musician, it’s probably possible for the receiving machine to line up the audio streams up for re-broadcasting. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in the audio field, so unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions on exactly how to accomplish this. If you do find a solution, please do reply here so others can learn from what you discovered in the future!

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