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I am thinking of acquiring zerotier but I would like to know if I can use zerotier as a VPN to connect to amazon web services resources, I have been implementing it but it does not work for RDS (databases)


something like this ?

@zt-travis I applied all this and it worked for ec2 since on the servers I can join the zerotier network but how do I do with the RDS?

I think you are almost there. The EC2 instance is a gateway between your ZeroTier network and your VPC. The RDS doesn’t run ZeroTier. It routes to the ZeroTier network through the EC2 instance.

@zt-travis The ec2s only works when I do the zerotier-cli join, but without the join it isn’t working.

In step 4 of the documentation “Ping the gateway from another system on your virtual network to see if it’s working” this isn’t working, I did ping from another server to the gateway and it isn’t work.


It’s hard to guess.
Here’s a Common AWS Issues article.

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