Be made aware of nodes joining your network

Hi there
Is there a way to be made aware of a (authorized) node joining your network? I sometimes ship nodes to remote sites and at the moment, a python script will run on boot (Linux) and send an email-but this wont work for Windows machines or small embedded devices. So rather than staring at my management web page :slight_smile: and waiting for something to go green, I’d like to know when a ZT connection becomes live.
Maybe through the API?


Thanks for writing!
You want it for the first time it joins, or every time it comes “online”? The latter might not be possible.

What kind of alert would you hope for? Email, text, browser…

Hi there Travis
Thanks for the reply-it would be every time it comes on-or drops out (if possible).
Email would be great but I realise this might be overkill.
Really just looking for some sort of notification.


That’s a little trickier because it’s a peer to peer system. If a device connects to the controller, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can connect to other nodes!
For this, we’d probably suggest running some kind of monitoring system on your zerotier network.

I thought it might be-I am using the likes of PRTG PRTG Network Monitor » All-In-One Network Monitoring Software for ongoing monitoring-but this becomes a bit tricky when I may have nodes down for a specific reason-and they then come as an ugly red “node down”.
I’m not that fussed if the device can connect to other nodes, most of my work is point-to-point-I was asking if their was some sort of IFTTT function that could be coupled to the dashboard (as an example)

But if its an ask too far then fair enough, just thought I would ask-so thanks for the interest and the replies


It’s a fair request!