Best practice on bundling ZeroTier

Hi all!

I’m building an app PoC which relies on ZeroTier. The SDK won’t be enough (I think) and I need the ZeroTier service installed. What would be the best way to “bundle” ZeroTier into my installer so that my users immediately have the ZeroTier runtime needed for the app to work.

If there’s a “ZeroTier Runtime” installer or even binary files, that would be great. Anything like that exist?

ZeroTier does require running a system service with elevated privileges, so simply adding the executable to your install package may not be sufficient.

Out of curiosity, what sort of application are you aiming to bundle ZeroTier with? Which capabilities are you looking for that the agent provides but libzt doesn’t?

(Not trying to steer you towards or away from any particular model, just trying to understand your use case a little better so I can maybe offer a bit more focused guidance.)

Hi Lennon, thanks for coming back to me.

The application I’m making will be a rather simple tool to configure a proprietary piece of software (not built by me and not open source). This proprietary software operates a large machine using an ethernet cable. I wanted to add the ability to my tool to operate the large machine remotely (i.e. I install the software on a remote computer and use it there, while the local computer is connected to the machine.)

My tool would be used to then connect to the ZeroTier network). ZeroTier would come in to create the virtual LAN between the local and remote machine after which I can create a portproxy (Windows) to forward all data from the physical ethernet adapter to the virtual network adapter created by ZeroTier. Then, the remote computer can operate the machine using the proprietary software as if it was connected to it physically.

If you believe that the libzt library would be fitting for my usecase, then I’d love to know as it sounds like a simpler approach :slight_smile:

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