Between Two Networks - Connection Issues

Recently I had not changed anything with our networks, but all of a sudden I can no longer see other computers through the VPN between my home and work computers.

Has something changed? Normally all my computers I have Zerotier installed on, I can see through the VPN as if they were local machines within my network.

Now all my network drive mapping can not see computers unless they are local. Which I can do without Zerotier.

Any help on this would be great.


Is your computer “online” on ZT dashboard?
Have you changed or deleted some route?

Yes, all computers on the network are online with ZT active. My online dashboard shows the computers connected and active. But I can not see computers outside each local area network.

They are all running on 1.4.6, could a windows update cause this version to fail?

Is there any reason to not update the ZT client?

I think prior 1.6 version you could have issues with.

Can you show your router config in ZT dashboard?

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