Bypass/Over ride Admin Authorisation on first run - MacOS


We deploy ZeroTier via MDM as a MacOS SoS service. When the user runs it the first time it requires Admin approval to run. I’ve tried adding a Kernel Identifier payload to the profile but this doesn’t make any difference. What is it that ZeroTier needs to modify in order to run on first launch and/or has anybody successfully deployed via MDM that could lend me some help?

Thanks in advance


The UI program copies the authtoken file into the users’ home directory on first launch so it can interact with the backend.

Seeing as you’re deploying via MDM, you probably don’t want the user messing with ZeroTier network settings, so it’s probably best not to copy that file, nor launch the ZeroTier UI program.

Thanks for the advice. So there is no way to deploy ZT remotely to a Standard end user then?

ZeroTier interacts with the networking stack and requires admin access. Beyond that you’ll have to be more specific in your question.

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