Can a single host join a network while also acting as a Planet?

I’m hosting my own instance of ZeroTier, and trying to configure my FreeBSD host as a planet, but then also join a network I create (via ztncui - I’m getting a lot of ifconfig errors (e.g. ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE2: File exists), and wanted to make sure the behavior I’m describing is feasible at all?

tl;dr: Has anyone hosting a planet server successfully joined that same server to a network? Any tricks to it?

Just finished getting it all working. A few things here in case someone ever needs them like I did:

  • Most of the ifconfig errors were due to my killing of the zerotier process/service. If you have to do this, make sure to erase the tun/tap interface in /dev, and destroy the interface with ifconfig <zt_int> destroy.
    • tip: zerotier interfaces are named “tap” + port#, e.g. tap9993
  • For the planet, just make sure you treat it as a router - enable net.inet.ip.forwarding in sysctl, and check the “active bridge” option in ztncui.

Hope that helps someone, cheers~