Can I control what computers on the ZT network people can see?

I’ll try to explain as best as I can. I have zero tier installed on 8 different computers. My main computer at home is the one I will remote into all of the others on. The thing I found today is that one of the pcs that I have media sharing enabled shows up on all of the other computers.
So, without even having to give a username or password, I could get into that PC to play videos etc. All of the computers on the ZT network show up in all of the computers in network under This PC.
Can I control what computers can be seen on the other 7 computers? Can I make it so they can’t see my computer or any other ones? I want to see all the computers listed, but I don’t want any other of the computers to be able to see what other computers are on the list.
Does this make sense? If so, can this be done?

Good question. There are Rules for each network. The defaults let multicast and broadcast work. This is how all that autodiscovery type stuff works.

I can’t test right now, but the rules would be something like here:

Make the network’s rules something like:
tag discovery id 1000 default 0;
accept tor discovery 1 and chr multicast;
break chr multicast;

After you save the rules, there will be a “Tags Matrix” section below the rules section. Give the nodes you want to be discoverable the tag (set the value to “1” )

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