Can ping but cannot browse

Hi, ive got a network set up and running for the first time. I can ping the remote network but cannot browse. Ive done a packet capture and am getting reset packets sent back to the source.
The devices are an android device trying to browse a network behind a teltonika rut955 router. As i stated, i can ping the devices behind the router which says my layer 3 routing is correct, but cannot browse so guess its a firewall issue?
Could someone confirm? thanks

You’ll have to be more specific on what you mean by “browse”

So inside that network are several devices on different internal ip’s hosting web front ends on port 80.
I can ping the devices but when u try to browse (form a TCP connection) I get a connection reset.
I’ve added a firewall rule to my rut router to allow any any.
The packet capture shows a reset packet being sent back to the source device but I have no idea why. Is it to do with NAT?

It’s possible it’s a configuration issue with your router. Nothing ZeroTier does would cause an RST packet to come from a remote host.

Further research - when im connected to ZeroTier on my android phone - no websites load at all. Doesnt matter if ‘Route via ZeroTier’ is ticked or not - nothing loads with any browser on there

This is interesting as i deployed a similar setup elsewhere and it’s working well. Only difference is that i am using an Ubiquiti Router. I am able to load local resources and web hosting directly on my phone. In my case i had to bridge the connection between ZeroTier and LAN.

how did you do this?!

This is what i did

:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

It might be possible that your servers are not binding to your zerotier addresses

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