Can ping host name, not zerotier assigned IPs

I’ve been struggling to establish a zerotier vpn link between 2 remote sites. I have successfully installed and authorized zerotier on several computers: 2 windows 10/11, 1 raspberry pi. I can ping the host names between the computers, but I cannot ping using the associated assigned zerotier IP addresses. We are using 2 unifi routers at each remote site (one UDM, one UDR). At one end of the 2 remote sites I am using the subnet 192.168.222.x and 192.167.1.x on the other. The zerotier assigned IPs are in the range 10.242.x.x. I have a regular IPv4 address assigned on the UDM end and am using the CGNAT of StarLink on the UDR end…thus the reason for wanting a zerotier vpn. I have checked to make sure the windows computer’s OS and antivirus are allowing ICMP. I have also set rules on the unifi devices to allow ICMP. Within the two subnets (192.168.222.x and 192.168.1.x) I have no trouble pinging the IPs of the various computers. It seems more likely that if I am having a problem, I would not have a problem pinging the assigned zerotier IPs, but the host names instead. Any ideas? This is very frustrating, and I have run out of ideas on how to get this to work.

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