Can see files, cannot see folders

Hi guys,
I’d like to resolve a problem which drives me crazy.

I’m running my data server (truenas) on my local network and using ZT to connect it outside of it. In my pool I have two main folders - Data and Guest. I’ve created datasets which tell who can access which folder or not. The Data folder is accessible by my family and the Guest folder is accessible by my family and guests (so noone can access my personal data in Data folder). The Guest folder exists because of easier sharing projects with our clients and so i don’t want to let them access my personal datas, obviously.

To the point. When I copy over folder to the Guest folder, I can see it on my phone (iPhone - using native file manager and Documents by readdle) and on windows as a family user, however, I can’t see folders on windows machines when using guest account. If i copy just file, I can see it even as guest on windows.

I’m using SMB shares protocol in truenas and datasets are set to allow all users to manage Guest file, guests are denied to access Data folder though.

Do you reckon it’s wrongly set in my truenas or is it ZT problem? Any ideas?

Thanks for all responses in advance.


You probably need a default ACL on the Guest share that makes anything in that dataset readable for Guest users.

If SMB clients can connect to shares on the TrueNAS server, then this is not a ZeroTier problem.

Well I thought that. Guest users should have full control in Guest shares according to ACL permissions though. Anyway, it’s wrong settings in truenas obviously, I’ll try forum there then.

Thanks for reply and have a good one

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