Can;t connect to mail server

Dear All,

I have an issue since i did a zerotier setup using mikrotik 3011. The setup is:

  • Headquarter: Mikrotik 3011 with zerotier installed

-Remote Department: Zerotier Clients in 5 PC

In headquarter everything is working perfectly. In the remote department all clients can connect to internet without issues, they can connect and work to ERP (ERP server is in the headquarters). The issue is that ONLY in the remote department very often they dont have access to email because for some reason whenever they are connected to zerotier mail server are blocking the users in Remote Department. The web server admin claim that the issue is on the VPN or mikrotik firewall rules but as far as i did troubleshooting i didnt find something strange.
In remote department they are using cellular 4G router for internet connection.

Do toy have any idea why is this happening?

Thank you in advance!

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