Can you Portforward using Zerotier?

Hey there, Im new to network stuffs and am not all familiar, but recently I’ve been trying to set up the means of hosting a private server for some games, and I’ve been hung up on port forwarding.
I have spectrum as an ISP, and it turns out they don’t permit port forwarding for residential accounts, which is what we have. We aren’t in a position to change isp’s, nor upgrade to the business account option (which allows port forwarding apparently).
Im wondering if it would be possible to forward a port using zerotier?
I’ve used zerotier before with some friends, playing minecraft on a lan server, via me hosting a network on zerotier, them joining it, and being able to join lan servers. But I want to be able to host a server without needing to ask people to download zerotier and add them to the network, and just simply be able to join a server, like one that was port forwarded. Would that sort of thing be possible?

In short: no, you can’t directly connect to resources on a ZeroTier network without having a ZeroTier client. That client can be on a shared router or gateway, but if you and your friends are all on different Internet connections and no one has a public IP on which to publish services, you won’t be able to reach inside the private network to access the shared servers.

By far the simplest way to connect your group will be to have everyone who needs access install ZeroTier locally.

In long, yes you can do exactly what you are saying, but you have to also buy a VPS for it to work.
You can set it up so the public DNS or IP that goes to the VPS, and the VPS NATs the connection to a device on the zerotier network.

But this would be complicated to set up. You would essentially be doing the same as “Cloudflare tunnels”, but with Zerotier (and probably more reliable than cloudflare tunnels)

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