Can ZeroTier be used to pass UDP traffic that hotspot provider blocks

Please excuse the question if it is not applicable to ZeroTier. Nubie here.
I have been using my Flex Radio amateur radio transceiver remotely through the use of the Flex Maestro hardware at the client end via a cellular hotspot.
This worked flawlessly until my cell provider, T-Mobile, began blocking UDP traffic. Rather than changing carriers, I am looking for another solution. Is it possible to use ZeroTier to tunnel the TCP and UDP data necessary for my remote operation. Again, forgive my limited knowledge of this technology.

Thank you for any comments,
Bob W

ZeroTier itself uses UDP.

Did they really block all UDP (that seems nuts), or just on certain ports?

I know that UDPPort 4993 is definitely blocked. Other users report other various ports are blocked.

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