Cannot access web content in ZeroTier VPN with private server's ZT address

I am able to access the “website” hosted by both the Apache2 and python3 -m http.server 80 --bind, as well as python3 -m http.server 80 --bind 172.22.x.x commands just fine, and disabled my firewalls, but attempting to access a PDF file will result in a timeout, and the same goes for media like videos and other stuff. Eventually the python3 http.server module will say “connection reset”.

Is there some sort of flow-rule I am supposed to put in to permit this access?

Because I currently use ZeroTier for a different purpose, which is to connect Wazuh/ossec agents through port 1514/udp and it works fine in reporting me information from all of my cloud VPSes to my SecurityOnion install at home.

I can still share files via SSH right? Like SFTP with a distributed PEM key?

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