Cannot allocate memory issue on Mac when pinging Zerotier devices

Hi. Sorry to bother guys.
I’m using Zerotier One 1.8.4 on Max OS 10.13.6 which is High Sierra hosted on a mid 2011 MacBook Air. It performs well most of the time. However, when I reboot the Mac, and then try to ping other Zerotier devices, I sometimes get the error said “ping: sendto: Cannot allocate memory” and then timeout for the icmp backage. When I changed the target of the ping command to other devices on the same physical LAN or some domain name on the Internet, the command worked well. And I cannot access the Zerotier devices via Finder or browser either.
Sometimes the issue disappears itself without any specific operation, so I didn’t pay much attention to it before. This time it lasts for several hours and is still there. I tried to unload/load the service, reboot the Mac with or without WiFi enabled but nothing worked. The mac has 4GB of RAM and works well so far. I don’t think it really lacks the memory to run a ping command after a fresh reboot.
Does anyone have any idea what happend? Any help will be appreciated!

The error “Cannot allocate memory” probably says it all. You’re on a 11 year old macbook with only 4GB of RAM. That’s quite small for a full desktop system in this day & age. You may simply not have enough memory to run everything on your computer + ZeroTier at the same time.

Thank you for your reply!
I think maybe you are right. The Mac is aged and 4GB RAM probably is not enough for all the service on it.
After this post I kept studying on the issue. A reboot wouldn’t solve the problem. The only solution I found was leaving the virtual network and joining it again. And, this issue appeared quite randomly and didn’t always appear after each reboot. However, if I ping via a mDNS address or Bonjour name (something like mypc.local), there will be a higher chance to run into this issue. Maybe the ping command to a mDNS address requires assistance from other service, leading to a higher RAM consumption.

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