Cannot connect to minecraft server hosted on ZeroTier One

I’m trying to host a Minecraft server using ZeroTier One, but I cannot connect. I could host the server using LogMeIn Hamachi. I’ve double-checked everything, using managed IP in server properties and all members are authorized. Does anyone know what might be the problem here?

Using ZeroTier One bcuz a friend with Mac cannot use Hamachi.

Thanks for all the help!!!

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We know many people are using zerotier for this. It’s difficult to guess what could be going wrong. Minecraft seems to be fickle and doesn’t give error messages about what is happening. What operating system is everyone playing on?

Make sure your zerotier clients are updated to the latest version.

I’m the host, and I use windows. There are two other friends of mine trying to play, one is on windows 10 too, and the other one is on Mac. I did try with the latest version and the older version, but both didn’t work.

Also, I made sure to close Hamachi while using ZeroTier One.

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