Cannot connect to PLC over ZeroTier

Hello there,

I have a RPi acting like a ZeroTier Router, I have followed this article and it works great, I can see all the LAN devices using their real address (only Raspberry pi has zerotier IP address, the rest of the devices are accessible on their real local IP addresses)

However, on a PC connected to a ZeroTier network (windows 10), I cannot connect to a PLC which is behind Raspberry pi. App simply won’t show anything to connect to. I can ping the PLC, but TIA portal just won’t see it no matter what adapter I choose.

What could be the problem?

Thanks for posting. It sounds like it should work!

Some of those industrial type apps require being on the same subnet as the device.
Do you type in the IP address of the PLC, or is it an auto-discovery type app?

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