Cannot delete an OIDC client that is in use by a network

I manage 2 accounts, a personal one and a company one (the one I am writing from).
A few days ago I have tested SSO from the personal account. Everything was fine.
Yesterday I have added an SSO seat to the company account and used the same OIDC client ID I used for the personal account. Result: the company device does not get the SSO authentication request.
I thought that it could be because the same OIDC ID used for 2 different accounts, so I deleted the test network that was using it in the personal account.
Now, no network is using that client ID in any of the accounts, but even so when I try to delete it from the account settings in both accounts I get the error message “Cannot delete an OIDC client that is in use by a network”. I am stuck. Maybe it was a mistake using the same ID in two accounts but now I cannot cleanup.
I have solved by creating a new app registration in the identity provider and adding it to the company account. Now the devices get the SSO request correctly.

Can you suggest a way to remove the unused OIDC client from both accounts?

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