Cannot Forward Traffic to AWS Services Behind my Zero Tier Network


i try to experiment with ZeroTier as one of VPN choice for our AWS deployment infrastructure.

I create an EC2 node, create a zero tier network and join this EC2 node into zero tier network. I confirm that this node accessible to other peer via ICMP ping.

This node will act as gateway for multiple AWS VPC

First, i set this gateway as NAT gateway for my other ZeroTier node to access any EC2 node or service behind this gateway (inside and outside this gateway VPC). But i can not forward any traffic. I already set iptables for NAT, set sysctl for IP forwarding and still no traffic in or out

After that i try to set traffic via VPC route, set my ENI interface on the gateway to disable source / destination checking and still no traffic forwarded.

Where do i go wrong ?

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