Cannot get Site to Site Ethernet Bridging working

Hello, I am trying to figure out whether Zerotier can be configured on routers and/or on “dedicated Zerotier servers” to support site-to-site Layer 2 Ethernet bridging?

I am looking to replace my current OpenVPN setup (where I’m using TAP to create a server/client bridge between 2 routers at two locations, thus creating a virtual Ethernet connection between the two sites). I require broadcast support for the applications in play.

At site A, I have set up Zerotier on both my router and on a dedicated Virtual Machine instance running Ubuntu 22.04 server. At site B, I have set up Zerotier on a Virtual Machine. I know each of these installations is working because if I only run one at a time and connect to any of them as my default route with an iPhone on 5G, I can reach all the computers on the networks at each site (I still have my OpenVPN setup running, so the sites are bridged). So, the Zerotier instances themselves seem to be working.

In my Zerotier Network configuration, I have bridging enabled and “get a DHCP address” disabled for all 3 of the site A and site B devices, and each of the devices has a static address on my LAN subnet.

Now, if I shut off my OpenVPN services and make a Zerotier instance run at each of the 2 sites (at Site A, I only choose one of the two devices), I am unable to ping or reach any computers at the other sites. It seems the two instances don’t know how to get traffic from site A to site B or vice versa.

I’m thinking I shouldn’t need to set up any special routes between the two sites because both are on the same subnet and I’m just creating a virtual Ethernet connection between the two of them. Or, at least I think that’s what I’m doing.

Shouldn’t the Zerotier devices be bridged together now and thus create a virtual Ethernet link between Site A and Site B? No special routing required?

I have tried to understand and adapt the instructions in various WIKI articles such as

But I don’t yet have a working system. I’m stuck trying to figure out what I have done wrong. Hopefully somebody here can help. Thanks in advance.

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