Cannot ping router or other IP devices


I have created half a dozen zerotier networks this year (but I am a zerotier and networking newbie).

This week, I have created a zerotier network.
My laptop runs zerotier 1.6.5 (zerotier IP
My teltonika rut950 runs 1.6.3 (zerotier IP

I have created a managed network as follows: via

Both my laptop and the router are authorised and connected.

For a few hours after setting this network up, I could ping the router on and the windows 10 machine on (including RDP to Win10). Then it seems out of nowhere, it stopped working.

I know the internet connection is working as I have a good Anydesk connection to the Win10 PC. Using this connection, I rebooted the teltonika router which seemed to help for another few hours and then a little later, boom no connection via the vpn.

Now today even via Anydesk, rebooting the router hasn’t helped.

As far as I can tell, I don’t have this problem with any other almost identical setups on my other zerotier networks/router’s etc. I have searched and read lots of community posts but nothing seems to resemble my problem. There is no firewall on the Win10 machine (but I can’t ping the router either). I have read lots of guidance and tips about routers but I fear I am not knowledgeable enough.

I don’t understand why it worked for a while then stopped; started again and now stopped.

Any guidance would be great.
Thank you.

An update;
Yesterday afternoon, it sprang into life. I was able to work via the vpn all afternoon until I finished work.
This morning, when I check, I have no comms over the vpn; its gone again.
I still have connectivity over anydesk to the Win10 machine.
I think it might be an issue with the zerotier package inside the teltonika router.
My frustration is that this setup is no different to the other half dozen I have setup, which work just fine. That is why I can’t believe there is a configuration issue.

I have a similar question. I have two computers behind a firewall with Zerotier with port 9993 opened. I can ping/access one of the two devices without issue, the other one is a linux box that I cannot access or ping the device with its zerotier address. I confirmed on the linux box that zerotier is running and connected to the network. Any suggestions appreciated.

My Solution.
Downgraded the firmware of the teltonika router then installed the zerotier package manually by file.
I have an excellent, solid connection over the VPN now.

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