Cant access few devices on my network

there are few devices that are ‘active’ on account, but not accessible through other devices which are peers to the same network.
When i do zerotier-cli listpeers, these devices are detected without any assigned ip as LEAF nodes.

This issue has started appearing only recently, and without any change at my end from any my nodes on my network, i see this behaviour.

service restart/ reboot of m/c from where i need to access these unavailable nodes does not seem to do anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can supply some of the configurations for debugging, but dont know how to do it in a privacy friendly way. Any suggestions?


I have been having this issue as well. Reinstalling an older version seems to work better. I dont know what they did with 1.14.0 but its less reliable than it used to be.
Annoyingly they offer absolutely no way to manually refresh or blacklist routes/interfaces or really do any sort of user side configuration at all, which does not help when issues like this happens. The most you can do is regenerate ID and delete peers.d but it doesnt always help either.

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