Can't access Siemens Logo via ZeroTier

Hello there,

Just installed ZeroTier in my Mikrotik router. I registered the static routes in the dashboard and I’m able to access local network devices (10.10.10.x) and using Home Assistant (app and web interface) from outside home with iOS devices. I

BUT, there are 2 devices for somereason I can’t access. The Siemens Logo. When I’m inside my network, hitting in every desktop or mobile browser the or is the only thing I have to do to access their web interface. Trying this with on mobile brower (iOS devices) results in timeout. Same with pinging these 2 devices (I can ping every other device). I do have access with dyndns and port forwarding but I would like to get rid of the open firewall ports and use ZeroTier.

Any suggestions?


I’m not all that familiar with Siemens Logo, so I can’t speak with any authority here. From the sounds of it you can already access everything else on the LAN through your router. It makes me wonder if there are settings enabled the Logo that only allow communication over the local LAN segment ( and causing it to reject packets coming through from the ZeroTier network in a different address range.

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