Cant access User Interface in Zerotier

I have just downloaded Zerotier and set up a network on a windows machine. I have been able to get my Android to connect to the network however I had since rebooted the “host” machine and I cannot reload the Zero Tier user Interface. I note that there is an option in the popup in the start menu to “Start UI at login” but it doesn’t load. What am I doing wrong and how do I access the UI to accept my Tablet on the network?

Im having the same/ if not very similar issue in that when i select to run my Zero tier either from the start menu or by going into the files and finding the UI launcher it appears in the tray icons before disappearing very quickly. Ive tried everything from changing permissions to running as admin ETC and haven’t been able to find a fix.

It is easiest to access your Zerotier network in a browser. You can see/authorize devices easily.

As to whether the service is running, I also have TightVNC running as a service, and if you hover over the VNC icon in the tray, two IP’s will show up showing the Zerotier service is running.

Navigating to the Zerotier installed program and clicking it will also put an icon in the tray, but it appears to always start automatically with my Win10 machines.

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