Can't administer zerotier via cmd line on Synology NAS

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Thank you @eskimo1967 I’ve connected into my NAS as you suggest. Unfortunately, I get a message ‘-ash: zerotier:command not found’ when I type zerotier-cli from the command interface, connected into the Synology NAS via SSH.
when I check the apps running using synopkg command I can see that Zerotier is running.
Any suggestions?

Hi, kaledi.

Could you please create a github issue here with your NAS model number and DSM version? Alternatively you can post the info here.

I will be updating the NAS packages next month and this would help me ensure that I address your problem.


yes, sure, happy to and thanks for the response. To be clear, I may be doing something incorrect with the CLI command. I’ll try again tonight. Also, to try this approach out of using SSH I used a VM of DSM 6 so as not to cause any issues with my main machine.

ok So I uninstalled ZT on the VM DSM and re-installed it and then administered via SSH successfully. Moreover, doing it this way I was able to connect to my ZT successfully with the latest DSM update.
So at least for me, what worked was an uninstall of ZT, reinstall and then initiate connection via SSH

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