Can't auth a teammate (402 error) even tho I am an admin?

Hey peeps! Happy monday!
Ok so this is the strangest thing and I would appreciate any help.
I was recently invited to my organastions ZeroTier as an admin (paid plan) but I can’t auth my other team mates. My boss who set up the account can and they showed me I have full admin access but when I try I get a 402 {"type":"account_limits","message":""}
I’ve tried different brower’s, logging in and out, uninstalling and reinstalling… I even Googled it (!) but still can’t find why this behavior is happening… any ideas?

Hi. Looking at the account you’re posting from, your account doesn’t appear to be grouped into the same org as the paid account from the same email domain name. The primary account needs to go to their account page & send you an invite. That will send you an email to allow you to join the same org as an Admin. You won’t be part of the same org until you click the link & confirm the invitation.

Thanks for replying! I appreciate the time you took! So from my bosses view (who invited me into the org), it displays me as an admin with full privileges. I can’t see my own admin status but another team member my boss invited got in fine and was able to auth other people. I feel so left out of the party!

:point_up_2:t2:Thats the screen shot my boss sent me! not my own!

So my boss sent out the invite emails and I followed all these steps on Friday and as a result I signed up, joined and can see the 5 networks my company has set up. I can access them fine and see my other team members ID and device names but and on my DevOps colleagues side they can see me as an admin but I cannot use any if my admin privileges!

Let me dig into things in the backend and see what’s going on here

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You should be all set. Looks like a couple wires got crossed on your joining the org as an admin. Looking into the why & how still, but you should be set for now at the very least.

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AMAZING!!! Perfect! Thanks so much! I finally have the power!! I’ll go ahead and close this down :smiley:

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