Can't connect machine to Google Cloud Windows 2022 active directory

Searched far and wide here and only getting bits of information but nothing specific to figure this out.

I want to use ZeroTier and a Google Cloud VM Windows 2022 server to manage an active directory for a small amount of machines…

I’ve setup ZT on both the test VM and Server, and the AD on the Server with lets say the domain name “123abc”

On a VM I’m using to try connect to it, it finds “123abc” when trying to join the local domain and prompts for user credentials.

Put them in, long wait, then the error “The specific domain either does not exist or could not be contacted” - but it’s obviously finding it in some way.

Any ideas what I may be missing?

Hard to say without a more detailed description of how the environment was installed in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), i.e. AD with or without DNS, hybrid etc.

A few things worth investigating: does the client’s DNS point to the correct AD in GCP (if not a hybrid), is the ZT interface set up in the GCP and Windows firewall, ie can you access AD, DNS, etc. from the outside using RSAT tools? If hybrid, does dcdiag give any errors while replicating local AD with GCP AD. Regarding the Windows firewall, maker sure to assign the ZT interface to the Domain profile as it’s initially is set to Public.

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