Can't connect to one of the machines anymore

Hi have two computers in the network, one is windows and the other is macos, everything was working fine but suddenly it stopped working without any apparent change in any of the machines. The windows machine can access the macos machine but the macos machine can’t reach the windows machine, I already rebooted both of them without any success.
Any ideas?

Its possible the firewall on your Windows machine is blocking incoming requests over the ZeroTier network. But seeing as you can connect to the Mac from your Windows machine, that means the connection is working.

Thanks for your reply. That was actually the first thing that I checked, and I even added a firewall rule to allow any incoming connection from the IP address that is assigned to the mac and still doesn’t work.

Well, like I said, if you can connect one way it is connecting both ways otherwise you’d never receive a reply or establish a connection from Windows to the Mac. It’s not ZeroTier causing the issue and we have no visibility into your machines’ configurations.

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