Can't ping managed IPs

Hello everyone and Thank You in advance, I must start out by saying I’m very new to all this like a few weeks! It started about 3 weeks ago when I installed Blue Iris. This took me a week to get working and wanted to have remote access to my Desktop, BI and using the Android App using ZT. I saw a video on using Zero Tier as a secure way to make this happen and it looked simple enough. Adding all my devices 1-Cell phone, 2-Laptops and 1-Desktop was a piece of cake. The problem is, can’t ping any of the Managed IP’s shown in ZT from one computer to another with the exception of my cell. I found a ZT doc that had you enable ICMPv4 not sure which one Private or Domain so did both, still not able to ping. ZT shows enabled in windows fire wall as well. All my devices show ZT virtual port and is enabled. Any help on this will be much appreciated!
One other note, in ZT, is it normal to see all the Physical IPs the same?

I had to add a firewall rule in win10 to things working. New inbound rule, all programs, all ports, and on remote ip’s I added the ZT subnet of Works great on blue iris, through starlink and tp link archer 7 router.

Thanks you very much for the response, I’m very new to all this so this answer to your question my be something different that your are asking. I can tell you is, I have the inbound rules for all ZeroTear and Blue Iris set to Enable in Windows Firewall. Not sure how or where to add a Subnet, sorry about that!

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