Can't ping/ssh though it says "ONLINE"

Hi everyone,
I can’t seem to ping or ssh to a “remote” raspberry pi. On the Zerotier GUI it says the pi is online in addition to the computer I am using to ping/ ssh. When looking up the status of zerotier on the pi it says up, active, and is assigned an IP. The pi’s ethernet connection is provided by a sixfab cell modem and there is a cell connection as I can search the web and ping google on the pi. Any ideas or direction on where I may be going is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I’ve got the same issue except with an iPhone. ZT Central says it is connected and shows the ZT IP but I can’t ping the iPhone and the iPhone can’t see any of the equipment on the ZT network. ZT One looks just fine on the iPhone. I even deleted ZT One from the iPhone and tried a fresh install. No change. The worst part is that it was working perfectly until late last year. I’m guessing a cellular ISP update, Win11 update or an Apple update killed me. Maybe it was a ZT update? I’ve seen similar questions in this forum but all have expired with no resolution. Not sure why ZT doesn’t have a recommendation or suggestion. Heck, I’m willing to buy support to get an answer to this one.

Good luck to all of us with similar issues.

I have the same issue. Tested with 3 different networks. I can see some of my nodes from the client, but am missing 2 nodes. Running 1.10.4.

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