Cant remotely access cameras, help?

Basic Setup: Blue Iris desktop app, Amcrest NVR and Cameras, Windows Computers, ZeroTier networking

I have 16 total cameras i need to remotely connect to (8 cameras at 2 different stores = 16 total cams, with more cams to install in the future), and cant seem to get the remote connection to work. Ie, i cant get all 16 cameras to populate the Blue Iris desktop app on the remote computer.

Things ive done:

  1. Added all machines (Blue Iris Computer, Remote Computer) to the same zerotier network.
  2. Set up the Blue Iris Web Server on the Blue Iris Machine (Local IP is set to the Zerotier Managed IP under settings → web server) + Created a User
  3. Kept the Blue Iris desktop app running on the Blue Iris Computer

Ive tried adding the Managed IP (and even the Local IP) of the Blue Iris Computer to the Blue Iris desktop app on the Remote Computer, but Blue Iris still fails to show any cameras.

Do i need open port forwarding on the blue iris computer? Install a raspberry pi in the store? Do i have some basic misunderstanding of what zerotier can do, should i instead try Tailscale?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having a similar issue getting BI info to display through the BI App on my phone. Zerotier says it’s connected but app cannot see the BI server on host PC. A video recommended on the BI forum says to used the Zerotier WAN address as reference but I’m having difficulty figuring out which one is the WAN address.

One thing that did throw me a loop was the tiny little check box to authorize other devices (PCs, Phones, etc.) after they have been added to the network. Once I checked that, the Zerotier app connected. It had to be authorized for each device added (phone, tab, ect.).

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