Change Network ID to add another network (Synology)

Hello to the entire ZeroTier community. I have installed ZeroTier by SSH on a Synology. I don’t know much about programming or code, I have done it following a tutorial on YouTube.

ZeroTier is running smoothly but, I need to change the network ID to add the NAS to another network where I already have other nodes working.

I can’t find how to do this.

Let’s see if you can help me a little.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Some help please?

I can’t find a solution


Can this be helpful?

Hello @Emreis, welcome to the community. Sorry we didn’t see this sooner.

Just SSH into your NAS and issue the following command:

zerotier-cli join NewNetworkID

After a few seconds your NAS will be issued an address on the new network. If you want to remove your NAS from the old network:

zerotier-cli leave OldNetworkID

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