Changing port both on Windows and on Linux

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I am wondering if it possible to change port on application itself. My company block zerotier’s port.
Both on Windows and Linux. I would to change for example to 443

If your company’s IT department is blocking ZeroTier traffic, it would probably be best for you to get IT approval before continuing with ZeroTier and having them allow it on the network.

We don’t condone using ZeroTier to go around company policy.

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To have the possibility for alternative ports is NOT only related to internal corporate rules, it will also be helpful when ISP’s and Mobile Operators treat zerotier traffic on udp port 9993 as DDOS attempts. The
resonce behaiviour from in my case two different Mobile Network operators is typically what you get if you try to put a medium intensive DDOS load (as ap part of a mesh load). This implies that most udp ports other than known VPN ports like 1194 and others will pass a firewall chain that inspect and deals with potentials DDOS attempts. If ISP and MNO’s do not add port 9993 to “common VPN” port list, we need to have another approach or fallback alternative (since “relay” really NOT working).
One way may be to improve/populate a list to clients aboute alternatve ports to use (and a prefered one). And yes this might need the root servers to listen to some more ports… :frowning:

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