CLI Enhancements

  1. GitHub Issue Link
    Allow setting multiple values with one set command like so:
    zerotier-cli set <Network ID> allowDNS=1 allowGlobal=1 allowDefault=0.
    Currently, one would have to use the set command 3 times to accomplish what the above line does.

  2. GitHub Issue Link
    Allow retrieving all of a network’s settings with zerotier-cli get <Network ID> instead of requiring us to specify the specific setting we’d like to retrieve.
    Currently, to retrieve all settings at once, zerotier-cli set <Network ID> <setting> is required, which is not ideal.

As long as your key=value pairs don’t contain white spaces you can rewrite this as without having to fight shell quoting rules:

echo allowDNS=1 allowGlobal=1 allowDefault=0 | xargs -n1 zerotier-cli set <Network ID>